Buyers sometimes consider going DIY when it comes to projects to help sell their home. While this can certainly cut costs, homeowners need also to consider that these DIY projects can actually end up costing more than if they had hired a professional. Some preparations may be simple tasks, while other homes may require more investment. See: How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House?backyard_palm

Painting is undoubtedly one of the best  improvements a homeowner can make. Do bear in mind, that the color you choose is just as important as repainting in itself. Dark paint colors also have the capacity to make a room look smaller than it is. It is important to use neutrals. This can be a DIY activity, if you don’t have the money, or don’t wish to spend it.

Be sure to clean your windows! Transparent windows make a huge difference to a potential buyer. To a homeowner, they may not realize how much money this can cost in itself just to clean them. Hiring someone will cost a few hundred dollars, but is most certainly worth it.

Certain necessary touchups should be left to conversation with the buyer before acting on them. These can include stained carpet, cracked molding, or faded hardwood floors. This is because sometimes a buyer may want to completely change the look of it anyway. You don’t want to spend thousands re-staining or replacing hardwood floors, when they plan to put down carpet anyway once they move in. Check out: Home Sale Proceeds: Calculator.

Staging your home will likely make a huge difference to a buyer. Many buyers do not possess the visual creativity to imagine a home decorated. Consider hiring a decorator help declutter, reorganize, and in some cases refurnish it after you’ve moved your stuff out. Studies show that buyers pay more for staged homes. Expect to pay a professional stager a few thousand dollars for their services. 6df160830e26d84c_2390-w402-h255-b0-p0--traditional-bedroom

Even if you decide to save money by staging your own home, you will still have to put some money into accessories and necessities. It is important to buy fresh flowers, a clean doormat, white towels for the bathrooms, replacing stained furniture, and hanging artwork. The artwork does not have to be impressive, or expensive. The point is to let buyers envision the home decorated.

Landscaping is essential. Sometimes, it will require hiring a landscaper. If the yard is not so bad, you will be able to buy flowers and plant them yourself. However, sometimes it might be necessary to plant new grass. You should have flowers pruned, the yard cleared of any leaves or debris, or any general weeding. front-yard-colorful-flowers

Having a professional inspect your house for either termite/pest damage or other structural matters isn’t required , nor expected in most parts of the United States. Read: The Real Cost of Selling Your Home: Spending to Sell.

Buyers expect to pay for their own inspectors, and in fact will probably want to hire ones they know and trust regardless of whether you’ve had the property inspected first. Yet there are situations where you might want to have the house inspected before letting buyers in — for example, if you’ve owned the property for many years and wonder whether any problems have arisen that you’re oblivious to, and would perhaps prefer to fix before buyers have a chance to get upset about them. Inspections will run you a few hundred dollars, but in the long run, are worth it.

If you’ll be moving out before putting your house on the market, you can expect to pay higher in utilities than you generally pay when you are living in the home. This is because you must leave the lights and heat/air on in the home, as your agent could have a potential buyer call at any moment to come see the house. It is important to have the appropriate air temperature setting for the season, the lights on, which makes the house appear nicer. For further reading on this subject, see: How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House?

Selling Your House Isn’t Cheap. Here Are Expenses You Should Definitely Expect To Incur Before You List Your Home On The Market For Sale

2 thoughts on “Selling Your House Isn’t Cheap. Here Are Expenses You Should Definitely Expect To Incur Before You List Your Home On The Market For Sale

  • It seems a little ridiculous to pay for utilities when I am not living in the house? I understand what the article is saying, but exactly why is it so important?

  • Hi Bethany,

    I agree that it can seem like a waste of money, but it really isn’t. You want buyers to focus on the house itself, not on the fact that they are burning up when its 100 degrees outside, or freezing cold if it is during the winter.

    Also, buyers like to check the water. They like to turn on tubs and sinks to make sure the plumbing is good. It is necessary to keep the utilities running while you are selling the home if you have already moved out.

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