8eba2229da8dc397839ca10525ce1141Photos are so important when it comes to selling a home. Many sellers don’t realize this, which is shocking. Pictures are crucial when you sell absolutely anything. After all, half of our time is spent on the Internet these days. Buyers can download apps and do their home shopping right from their cell phone.

They have to see photos…and good ones. Otherwise, your listing agents phone is not going to be ringing. If you want to sell your home, you’ve got to have great photos. Below are some tips you should follow when it comes to posting photos of your home online during its listing.
The lighting must be correct. Lighting is extremely tricky, no doubt about it. It’s hard to photograph a home, and lighting has a lot to do with how the photos come out. A home can look beautiful when you are standing there, but if you were to take a photo right then and there, it might come out horribly. Thisa6058a669517394ccd9b7b843f811e1a is why many people hire real estate photographers when they sell their house. If you can afford it, this really is the way to go. Read: Love at First Site: Practical Photo Tips.

It actually doesn’t cost all that much, but it will make all the difference. If you are going to do it yourself, one of the best times of day to take pictures is in the morning just after the sun comes up; or, right before the sun goes down for the day. Be sure to open shades and curtains some. Don’t open them too much, because if there is too much direct sunlight in the pictures, you’re going to end up with a glare. Taking photos of your home is really going to be a trial and error sort of projtraditional-kitchen 3.15.24 PMect.

Sometimes, a flash might be useful, and make a positive difference in the pictures. Other times, it will not do the photos any favors. It depends on so many factors, that it’s hard to give “rules” pertaining to photographing a house. One thing you can control is the level of cleanliness. Don’t have any random objects in the pictures. Clean up any laundry piles, books, car keys, or mail. None of these miscellaneous items need to be in the pictures. They are distracting, and also, it shows sheer laziness.

Aside from lighting, reflections also make photographing a house challenging. Especially in the bathroom. Again, this is going to really come down to trial and error. You’ll just have to experiment with different angles. Consider using a tripod, as it can be difficult to keep your hands fully balanced, and you don’t want the pictures to come out blurry. See: Avoid These 9 Real Estate Photo Mistakes, and, Take Great Home Photos the Easy Way – Five Tips From a Pro.

Photographing Your House? It Can Be Very Tricky. Read These Tips To Find Out How To Make Your Photos Stand Out

2 thoughts on “Photographing Your House? It Can Be Very Tricky. Read These Tips To Find Out How To Make Your Photos Stand Out

  • It makes sense that photos on the online listing are important. But, usually you can get an idea of what the home looks like and envision what it would look like in person, even if the photos aren’t all that great, right?

  • Hi Susan,

    Unfortunately, most people do not possess the creativity to envision a home any different other than it appears. This is why decorators get paid so much. They are able to look at a room and imagine how it could be different. This is why it is so important to make the photos represent your home in the best light possible. Good luck!

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